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Your first appointment 

The first visit consists in the inspection of the entire oral cavity with the aid of a mirror and a painless probe called a "probe".

We recommend a check-up every six months as it allows you to identify caries, gum problems, oral and perioral lesions, occlusion problems. It is essential for the prevention of more complex clinical pictures.

Dental hygiene and prophylaxis‚Äč


Proper oral hygiene is essential to prevent and treat diseases of the teeth and gums such as caries, gingivitis and periodontitis . The therapies can be performed by the dentist or dental hygienist. An ultrasonic device, hand instruments and polishing pastes are used to remove tartar. Sometimes periodontal therapies such as gingival currettage may also be necessary. Each patient will be instructed on the correct maintenance of home dental hygiene and included in the periodic professional hygiene procedure.




Very deep caries, dental fractures, pulpits and dental abscesses are just some conditions in which the "devitalization" of the tooth and the therapy of the system of canals through which the nerves pass are necessary. This branch of dentistry allows you to avoid tooth extraction very often.


Conservative Dentistry


Caries treatment and subsequent tooth build up is the best choice to safeguard its function and aesthetics.

Modern reconstruction materials such as resins and resinous cements , allow a restoration of the structure with a minimally invasive approach


Dental prosthesis and implantology


Are you missing one or more teeth?


It has been shown that the loss of even a single tooth can cause severe chewing dysfunctions and sometimes even a worsening of the aesthetics of the smile.


There are numerous prosthetic solutions, both fixed and removable, come and discover the perfect one for you!

Oral surgery


Wisdom teeth extraction, gingivoplasty, bone grafts, micro surgery, cyst removal are just some of the possibilities that this branch of dentistry offers to solve the most complex clinical cases.


Orthodontics and Gnathology


Today the orthodontic appliance is increasingly used by both children and adults thanks to the new aesthetic orthodontic techniques guaranteed by transparent aligners and lingual devices.


The early detection of malocclusions is very important to avoid longer treatments, in fact in some cases we intervene on the childrens with functional devices that act on the development of the bones involved in chewing


The specialist aims to rehabilitate the various types of malocclusion and evaluate any problems in the temporomandibular joint.

Pedodontics: dentistry for the little ones


We recommend the first dental visit from 3 years of age.


It is very useful not only to identify any pathologies in progress, but to educate children and parents about correct eating and oral hygiene habits.


Children will receive a little gift and a certificate of courage!



Cosmetic dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine


Having a beautiful smile today is possible with various techniques.

Dental whitening works by lightening the tone of the teeth through the use of peroxides, the choice of the type of treatment is personalized.

Dental veneers are ceramic products with the thickness of a contact lens that are applied to the surface of the teeth to change their shape and color. Gingivoplasty can be useful for the improvement of the "gum smile", alternatively solutions with fillers, botox and or surgical repositioning of the upper lip are possible


Branch that deals with the minimally invasive or surgical treatment of periodontal problems.
80% of the population is affected by periodontitis caused by the presence of bacteria in the oral cavity that form plaque and tartar and characterized by gingival bleeding, periodontal pockets, gingival recessions and, in the most serious cases, dental mobility.
Patients most at risk often have diabetes or have a family history of this condition. Sometimes gum recessions are caused by trauma and need to be treated



Oral Pathology



Oral Pathology Identify, monitor and examine spots or changes in the mucosa of the cheeks, lips, tongue, palate, gums. A lesion that does not disappear spontaneously in about 15 days must absolutely be consulted. The dentist is the doctor of choice for the identification of lesions from the earliest stages. Some lesions are absolutely benign and easy to resolve with adequate therapy, others, perhaps neglected for some time, may need more attention in some cases than a small biopsy to examine their nature. The visit is absolutely painless and makes use of the mirror and a gauze. It is usually performed during the first dental visit.

Smile Coach



The discipline that teaches you to smile! Thanks to the integration of psychological assistance for dental phobic patients, we have added the teaching of some exercises to learn to smile to the dental practice. A real happiness workout, we could call it smile yoga! It's not enough to have restored a beautiful smile with dental therapies, we need to start using it in our everyday life! A more optimistic approach to our day must be sought first within ourselves by identifying and being grateful for all the positive things in our lives! 

What are you waiting for? Start smiling with Napoli Dental Care